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Gabriel Wong and Olivia Smith met years ago working with Enphase Energy, and realised their complimentary skills and extensive networks could be combined to help a host of different brands, as there simply wasn’t an agency specialising in the renewables industry.

So in 2018 Positive Good was born, and since then we’ve carved out a position as Australia’s pioneering marketing and communications agency in the cleantech and renewables industry. We’ve been fortunate enough to win awards, help clients of all sizes and build an amazing team of communications specialists all focussed on one, singular goal…

We’re on a mission to displace fossil fuels, and enable more clean energy to power the grid as fast as possible.

Changing the way the electricity grid works is a monumental task, with innumerable complexities to be resolved by a wide variety of companies, experts, engineers and visionaries. Even with everyone playing their part, it’s going to be a massive team effort to get there, and we feel privileged to be right in the centre of all that.

What cleantech brands need is an agency partner that speaks their language, producing content and materials as an extension of their own team. We are that agency, and we exist to produce powerful communications that change minds and influence behaviour.


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PRNews | Best Digital & Social Media Award


PRNews | Digital & Social Media Award 2022 | Storytelling | Nextracker

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Clean Energy Council | Marketing and Communications Award 2019 | sonnen