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To find out more about our process, contact us, and we’ll get back to you with more details.

    Want to cut through the noise? We can help.

    Planning a product launch at All Energy? Make it a success by working with All Energy’s preferred PR & marketing agency, Positive Good.

    Make the most out of All Energy Australia

    As Australia’s leading conference & exhibition for renewable energy, with rapidly growing attendance, All Energy Australia presents an exceptional opportunity to showcase your brand and products. But as the event grows, the number of brands competing for attention grows too, making it even more critical to ensure you cut through the noise.

    We know how important it is to get visibility for your brand and products at a major event like All Energy so we have created special offers for All Energy exhibitors who want to target their  key audiences at All Energy.

    Preferred Agency

    You’re in safe hands with Positive Good

    As an award-winning marketing and communications agency and the preferred public relations agency for All Energy, Positive Good finds, supports and accelerates brands involved in the cleantech and renewables industry.

    Driven by a deep passion to accelerate renewables, we’ve worked in the renewables industry since 2013, and have helped many companies such as sonnen, REC, Solar Analytics, Nextracker, Eku Energy, Volt, deX, GreenSync, SwitchDin and Sungrow to build brand authority, amplify their products, elevate their thought leaders and generate leads and sales.

    We speak fluent cleantech which means you don’t need to waste time and money getting us up to speed, and we can hit the ground running to produce powerful content and materials to help you launch big.

    We know the technologies, policies and regulations, and have strong relationships with the peak bodies, trade media and industry influencers. This is the difference working with Positive Good.

    Local Knowledge

    Australia is a nuanced market

    Whether you’re new to the Australian market or you have an established presence here, understanding the nuances of the Australian market is important. From standards and regulations, consumer protection laws, how purchase decisions are made, perception of quality and Australia’s widely-known sensitivity to pricing, these are all factors that need to be considered when planning your messaging.

    Messages that resonate in the US, Asia and Europe often don’t achieve the same results with an Australian audience, and we see examples of unfortunate misfires every year at All Energy, both on the exhibition floor and in the media.

    At Positive Good, we know what’s important to Australian journalists, installers, developers and consumers and we can apply this knowledge to help you craft your messaging and make a compelling pitch to the media.

    How we do it

    Every project is different, but often follows these steps:

    Package #1


    Product Launch

    • Draft Press Release
    • Distribute Press Release to energy trade media
    • Pitch for trade media interviews
    • Coverage Report
    Package #2


    Messaging + Product Launch

    (1 month engagement)
    • Messaging Workshop (6 hours in-person or video call)
    • Messaging framework
    • 6-month content matrix (titles, formats & channels)
    • Draft Press Release
    • Distribute Press Release to trade media
    • Pitch for media interviews
    • Coverage Report
    Package #3


    Exhibition Marketing Strategy Workshop

    (3 week engagement)
    • Marketing Strategy Workshop (3 hour in-person or video call)
    • Background Research
    • Strategy Development

    *all prices +GST

    To find out more about our process, contact us, and we’ll get back to you with more details.