Still looking positive one year on

I think we’re all in the mood for Christmas as we race towards the end of December. But before we wrap up the year, Liv and I would like to celebrate the first anniversary of Positive Good, our business partnership, friendship and working relationship that stretches back to our days at Enphase Energy in 2014.


So here are our milestones for the first anniversary of Positive Good:


We’ve welcomed new clients - the Australian Energy Storage Alliance, HIP V. HYPE, NEXTracker, SunWiz and S-5! to the Positive Good family.

We’ve grown our virtual team who partner with us from Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney to deliver exceptional work for our campaigns. Through weeknights and weekends, thank you for being by our side - we couldn’t have done it without you.

We’re honoured to be named as a finalist for the Clean Energy Council Marketing and Communications awards, for a business that was barely a year old stacked against large corporates for an award in recognition for the work we’ve done for sonnen.

We’ve put our weight behind the Not Business As Usual campaign to rally for cleantech companies to sign up for the national protest in September as Australian businesses joined schools in the Global Climate Strike.

A big shout out to Zoom for helping us run our business remotely and for keeping us connected on video to run meetings across time zones and the flexibility to work from home. There have been continuous discussions in our industry on how we achieve work/life balance and we believe it is truly possible.

Over this year, we’ve held each other accountable for our fitness by skipping off to F45 / Paramount Recreation Club in the mornings, working through the day, child minding and sharing cheeky wines over Zoom in the evening.

As we head towards a new decade, we would like to thank our clients for choosing to work with us, for your encouragement and insights when we first started, the word of mouth introductions we’ve received and to many people who believed in us and partnered with us.

We couldn’t have made it through this year without you. Happy holidays and here’s to a new decade of positive change.