Positive Good


Brands with ambition.

That’s who we like to work with. People who see ‘no’ as a motivator, and have a healthy disregard for the status quo. Brands that are willing to take a calculated risk, and do something that’s never been done before.

You can’t do that without ambition, and the conviction to know you’re doing it, no matter what complexities you have to overcome. No matter what barriers you find in your way.


You’ll be in good company

We help global brands extend their influence at the highest levels, and we work with industry bodies to grassroots communities, shifting perceptions and garnering support for clean energy projects. So when you’re working with us, you’re in good company.

We work with start-ups, visionaries and changemakers to refine their purpose and messaging, and give them the credibility needed to establish brand authority.

Our Clients

Companies we’ve worked with

How we do it

We only partner with one business per category, so apart from our undivided attention, here’s what else you’ll get from us.


Absolute Confidentiality

Many of our clients are involved with emerging technologies or solutions, so we’ll treat our engagement with the greatest of confidence.


Trusted Advice

Knowing exactly what’s going on with your business allows us to help as a trusted advisor, or an embedded part of your team. Whatever works best for you.


Complete Transparency

We’re honest, open and transparent, and our clients particularly appreciate that we’re upfront about timelines and budgets.

Feeling bold and ambitious, or want to learn more about the work we’ve done?